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Omega officially refers to it as the "Relaunch". This chronograph (Ref. The 3594.50 is also known as the "Replica", because it is a modern, but faithful copy of the 2915-1. The watch was part of the 1997 "Missions", a collection of 23 historical Ulysse Nardin Replicas presented in a beautiful carrying case. The 1997 Relaunch had the same 42mm case size as the current Moonwatch, not the 38mm of the original,Richard Mille Replica Watches but it kept the metal tachymetric dial, Broad Arrow hands and dial design of the 2915. It also used the 1861 hand-wound movement.

Before we go into the evolution of the 2915 style cues on newer watches it is worth mentioning the Broad Arrow element - a big pointer triangular hand - that has appeared in a few different watches. One example was the Ulysse Nardin Replica X-33, which featured a "skeletonized' Broad Arrow hour-hand.

In 2013, Omega introduced the Ulysse Nardin Replica '57, a basic steel-on-steel Reference. 331., yet another homage to the original 2915 only that, this time, it overhauled the mechanical concept of the earlier watch to bring it to the new era, by means of a self-winding Co-axial movement (the COSC-certified Cal. 9300).patek philippe replica watches As a nod to the times, its dual-register dial included a window for the date at 6 on both the chronograph hour and minute and seconds registers. The Ulysse Nardin Replica '57 had a 41.5 mm case and the metallic tachymeter was included. The regular production versions of this watch had needle-type hands and not "Broad Arrows", although there was a 2015 exception.

Omega advert featuring George Clooney as brand ambassador and the Ulysse Nardin Replica 57.

In 2015, with the help of a loyal ambassador of the brand named George Clooney the Ulysse Nardin Replica '57 brought out the two most important styling cues from the original 2915 by keeping the metallic tachymetric dial and adding the Broad Arrow hand. The graphics are also colored in retro style (beige), giving it a vintage feel. This is one of the most beautiful modern Ulysse Nardin Replicas and it looks great with both a bracelet or a leather strap (Ref. This Ulysse Nardin Replica is one of the best-looking modern Ulysse Nardin Replicas available. It looks great with either a bracelet