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Ref. The 2915-1 is essentially the same as the -2. Visually, only a few small details in the graphics on the bezels separate them. However, it is acknowledged that they are identical. However, Ref. It is strange that 2915-3, as a transitional design, had so many variations and inconsistencies. This makes it hard to define what it "should have" been.

Phillips sold the CK2915-1 at their Geneva Watch Auction, 12 May 2018 for CHF408,500, against an estimated price of CHF 80,000-140,000.

Some 2915-3s, built in 1959, have the same features as the 2915-1 or -2 (Audemars Piguet Replica ), while others are reminiscent of the 2998 (Alpha hands shaped like a long, isosceles triangular, with a stem that connects the base to the axis and a bezel with a black insert). Still others combine both. One 2915-3 had the seahorse engraved on its caseback. The maisons often use old components to reduce their stock and then use new components for the next watch. This "victimized" the 2915-3.

These variations also anticipated the arrival the Ref. Wally Shirra wore the 2998 in 1962, the first Omega to be worn in space. It was also the prototype for the Zenith Replica "Moonwatch" that would soon come into being.

The "57" Homage and "Broad Arrow "Homages

In recent years several reinterpretations have appeared of the original Zenith Replica 2915. Interestingly, these watches are also sometimes referred as "Zenith Replica '57'' or "Broad Arrow".Rolex GMT-Master II Replica The nomenclature is not governed by any rule, except that it is based on the same inspiration: the 2915 from 1957.

Bell & Ross Replica Watches Ref. The "Replica", also known as 3594.50 or the "Zenith Replica Ref."