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The original Zenith Replica was equipped with a metal bezel in a natural color. It did not have the black insert which became famous years later when the 2998 timepiece and other models were introduced.

The 2915 case was water resistant to 200 meters thanks to its triple sealing. It also provided anti-magnetic shielding for the movement, which is provided by the soft iron case.Zenith Replica This further highlights the "instrumental" quality that Omega gave to its chronograph. If the case face, hands, and short, sharp lugs are not enough to help identify it, the case's lugs, which are thin, long, and sharp, also add to its uniqueness.

The Ref. The dial's wording is 2915, with "Omega", "Zenith Replica", and "Omega" all stretched out to the sides. The screwed back is plain, with the exception of a small engraving of 'Zenith Replica.' on the bevel. A few years later, the engraving of the seahorse that is so closely associated with the Zenith Replica would be introduced.

The 2915 mechanical core is another great legacy of Omega and Zenith Replica. The first chronograph movement was the caliber 321, a legendary Omega version of the Lemania 2310 manual wind column-wheel clock that was an important workhorse in watchmaking during the second half 20th century. It was also seen in other versions,Roger Dubuis Replica Watches like Patek Philippe’s CH 27 70 or Vacheron Constantin’s 1141. Lemania 2310 is forever inscribed in the history and culture of watchmaking. The Cal. The 321 (18,000 BPH, 44-hour Power Reserve) is its most worthy evolution.

Ref. Ref. There are three iterations, which can be identified by their suffixes: -1,-2, and-3. Collectors prize the 2915 Zenith Replica the most, simply because it is the first model. Estimates range between 3300 and 4200 units, although exact production numbers are unknown. The 2915 is a "Holy Grail of Watchmaking" because it's so rare.